4 Superfoods to Boost Your Diet

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Jul 13, 2012

When you go grocery shopping, are you ever embarrassed of what is in your cart? Should you run into your doctor at the grocery store, would you try to awkwardly block your cart to make sure your doctor doesn’t see frozen dinners, your favorite choco-latte-cookie dough ice cream and your favorite cheap red wine?

 Shopping for healthy foods is just as easy as shopping for food that is not good for you. Learning what foods are packed with the most amount of nutrients and learning to love them for the benefit they provide to your body, may completely change your shopping experiences. Plus, when you are eating healthy, your grocery bill becomes another form of insurance. Keeping your body healthy by eating proper nutrients can help you ward off sickness and many detrimental conditions.

 So, the next time that you head out to the grocery store, fill up your cart with groceries you can be proud of. Generally, these are some of the best foods you can be eating…

  • Plain Yogurt – eating low fat or fat-free plain yogurt will provide you with calcium, protein and potassium. If you haven’t been a fan of yogurt in the past, try pairing it with some homemade granola or eating it with your favorite bran cereal.
  • Eggs – When you are eating eggs, you can take in a lot of protein very easily. Not only will you get the protein that you need but your body will also soak up 12 vitamins and minerals.
  • Nuts – Some people stay away from nuts because they only hear about the high fat content that comes with eating nuts. Eating a small portion of nuts can provide your body with protein, heart-healthy fat, fiber and antioxidants.
  • Kiwis – Relative to other fruits, kiwis are the most nutritionally dense.  When you eat a large kiwi your body will be able to take in Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and even some vitamin A and vitamin E.

Take control of your grocery cart. Fill it with foods you would be proud to show your doctor and food that will insure you against disease.

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