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5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

Apr 24 2013 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life April is national stress awareness month. More than likely, you deal with stressors on a regular basis. Most of us deal with stress on a daily basis. It is important that you find ways to... more

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

Oct 26 2012 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act The health of the rising generation has long been a topic of conversation amongst Americans. Around the world, the people of America have been envied or the subject of criticism for... more

How to get employees to exercise

Aug 3 2012 Many employers strive to create a culture of exercise outside of work hours. Along with the personal benefits it provides, employees that are regularly exercising equates to less costly health coverage for you to pay.... more

4 Superfoods to Boost Your Diet

Jul 13 2012 When you go grocery shopping, are you ever embarrassed of what is in your cart? Should you run into your doctor at the grocery store, would you try to awkwardly block your cart to make sure your doctor doesn't see ... more

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