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Finding the right auto insurance in St. Petersburg Florida can be the difference between you getting back on the road quickly or not.  If your car is destroyed or simply damaged in an accident, fire, theft, or other covered event it is important to have the right auto insurance policy. Your policy may also provide protection against some legal or medical expenses that may result from an injury, loss of life, or property that has been damaged due to an accident involving your vehicle.

A car or auto insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. With this contract you pay waht is called a premium and in exchange for the insuance premuim, the insurance company promises to pay for certain car-related financial losses that occur during the term of the policy.

Work with one of our experienced Account Managers to determine the best car insurance coverage option for you.

Car Insurance for all kinds of vehicles

Harbor Insurance Group can help you insure not only your car but also your motorcycle, classic_car, motor home & RV, boat & Jet Ski, and ATV - contact us for more information today.

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Because everyone has unique circumstances, car insurance policies should be customized to suit individual needs. HARBOR INSURANCE GROUP is an independent agency with experienced professionals ready to help you access insurance quotes, compare insurance rates, and create a car insurance policy that provides the correct amount of coverage for you at an affordable price. We understand the specific needs of Florida drivers and are trusted experts in the St. Petersburg, FL 33702 area.

We Offer MORE Choices Than Others.

Being an independent auto insurance agency, we offer many more choices than an agency with one provider. And the one who benefits is...YOU! Our specialists will compare insurance quotes and insurance rates with 20 companies in order to select the perfect car insurance for your situation. We are experienced in comparing online rates, auto insurance rates and all types of motor insurance quotes. STOP the confusion and hassling! Let us do the work for you and provide a smooth transition to a complete and comprehensive car insurance plan.

We Can Find Car Insurance Discounts You May Not Find on Your Own.

This is where WE come in! Our agents have many years of experience in the car insurance industry. We know where to find car insurance discounts that may be overlooked by customers. Our goal is to provide you the best deal for your car insurance dollars. Whether you're young or old, a good or bad driver, male or female, there is a discount available for you.

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