Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Mar 22, 2013

Motorcycle Safety Tips

The feelings of freedom offered by the wide open road in conjunction with a motorized bike draw millions of Americans to purchase and operate motorcycles.  As the pleasant weather of spring begins to melt the memories of the past winter, bike owners across the country are pulling the covers off their rides, inspecting long cooled engines, and revving up for a summer of motorcycling.

These machines can be thrilling, relaxing, useful, and fun, but motorcycles can also be extremely dangerous.  Before hitting the streets this year, all bikers, weather experienced or novice, should brush up on their motorcycle safety.

The first thing that every biker should do to ensure their personal safety during this year’s motorcycle season is to perform a simple inspection and safety check of the bike and other equipment.  By performing proper maintenance and safety inspections on the bike, and by always wearing protective riding gear, a biker will be able to mitigate the likelihood of an accident or serious injury if an accident occurs.

One of the most vital pieces of protective gear that all bikers should wear is a helmet.  By wearing a certified and approved helmet (look for the US Department of Transportation, or DOT, sticker on the inside of the helmet), a biker will protect their very lives while riding their motorcycles. 

Another safety tip for motorcyclists is to always remember the no-zones.  Motorcycles are usually the smallest things on the road, and as such are very susceptible to accident due to blind spots in vehicles.

Every car, truck, or SUV has a blind spot in their driver’s field of vision.  Driving in the blind spots, usually right next to the car or right behind a truck if the rear view mirror is shielded, is a dangerous zone for motorcyclists.

Bikers can fully enjoy the pleasant weather of summer by remembering to drive their machines safely and with caution.


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