Burglar-Proofing Your Home

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Feb 20, 2013

In the past years, residences in St. Petersburg, Florida, have been hit with a barrage of property crime and burglary rates.  With nearly 13,000 property crimes committed annually, the chances of a person living in St. Petersburg falling victim to a property crime such as a home burglary is one in nineteen. 

That means for every nineteen people in St. Petersburg, one of them will be a victim of a violating property crime.  That equates to two or three victims per block!

With the extreme prevalence of property crimes being committed in the St. Petersburg area, residence should consider ways to secure their home from burglary and take preventative measures that can reduce the risk of falling victim to such a crime.

One of the best ways to secure a home is by installing and maintaining an alarm system in the home.  Some alarm plans can be affordable and are well worth their cost.

Other ways to mitigate the risk of property crime include tightly securing all doors, windows and other entry points of the home with functioning locks.  Most property crimes occur out of opportunity and even a locked door can be enough to deter a would be thief. 

With the doors and windows securely locked, opportunistic thieves can be dissuaded from breaking into a home if it appears that the home is occupied.  Making one’s home look occupied at all times will greatly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a property crime.

Ways to do this include lights at night, cars out front, shoes on the doorstep, and clearing flyers, newspapers and mail from their locations outside the home.  With these suggestions a homeowner or renter in St. Petersburg will be able to mitigate their chances of being the one in nineteen that are victimized by property criminals. 

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