Increasing Gas Mileage in 2013

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Feb 12, 2013

Feb 12, 2013

With a month under your belt in the New Year, you may find yourself starting to slip with some of your resolutions. Getting back on track can be difficult but not impossible. If you made a resolution to save money or be better with your budget, but you aren’t quite hitting the mark, you may want to look at how much money you spend in gas.  The money that you spend in gas may not be totally necessary. These tips may help you minimize the amount of money you spend on gas every month…

  1. Drive the speed limit. You may not realize how much your speed affects your gas mileage. But, when you slow down on the road you will be able to increase the number of miles you are able to get out of each gallon of gas.
  2. Check the air pressure on your tires. If your tires are not inflated properly you are not only going to put yourself in danger but you can even decrease your fuel economy as much as 25%.
  3. Consolidate the trips that you have to take in your car. Find ways to combine your errands to stay off of the roads as much as possible.
  4. Use your cruise control. When you are constantly accelerating and decelerating on the freeway, you have to realize that you will be using more gas than is necessary. By keeping your speed constant, you will be able to save some money on gas.

These small tips may make a difference in your gas bill.  Saving money on your gas may help you save more money or put the saved money towards something else! Don’t be afraid to start thinking about other areas of your life to find ways that you can save money effectively.


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