Road Rage

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Jan 02, 2013

Road Rage


You’ve probably heard the term “road rage” before, but do you know exactly what it means? Road rage is defined as an aggressive or angry behavior by a driver or an automobile or other motor vehicle. Some examples of road rage are rude gestures, verbal insults or deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner. Some people like to classify road rage as an extreme case of aggressive driving.

When you are out on the road it is important that you are aware of your emotions. You want to be sure that you do not experience road rage while you are driving and compromise your safety on the road. Not only will you threaten your own safety, but you can threaten the safety of others.

Road rage can also incur severe legal penalties. You can be seen as an endangerment of public safety and you may also be charged with reckless driving. If there are injuries as a result of road rage, you will probably be sentenced to a much more severe sentence than if the injury was a result of negligence.

While you are driving, try to view driving as a very calm activity.  Many people view driving as a competitive sport, when they shouldn’t. No one is a winner on the road and no one is a loser. Make sure that you stay calm and collected throughout the time that you are behind the wheel. You should also make sure that you stay away from any driver that starts to exhibit signs of road rage.

Do your best to stay safe on the road and ensure that those around you are going to be safe. 

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