Day to Day vs Rainy Day

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Aug 21, 2012

Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, or so it has been said for years. A thorough examination of human history proves the saying true. The Greeks conquered the known world, becoming the greatest super power known to man. Soon after, dissent, discord and rebellion brought the empire to its knees. The Romans followed suit, only to be cut down to the same level.

In more modern times, our grandfathers lived through one of the most successful times our country has ever known—the roaring twenties. This economic empire was brought to its knees just a decade later when we entered the Great Depression. The world groaned under economic difficulty and our grandfathers longed for the days of comfort they had just left. The early 2000’s were marked by similar prosperity. They once again enjoyed the pleasures of life, only to once again be humbled by an extreme economic recession. To think that one generation could live through such difficulty again is a truly terrifying thought. History repeats itself and we are likely to see another one before we die.

How important is it for us to prepare for that day? Keeping up a savings account will gather interest and a balance that can keep your family afloat for months to years, depending on how much effort you put into it. Stockpiling a multi-year food storage is a sure way of feeding your family. Should the dollar fail, you would have more than enough sustenance to sustain your loved ones. Gathering a plethora of useful tools and parts will help you do your own repairs around the house. Learning to repair things around your house will also ensure you can provide for your family in times of need.

History is truly our greatest teacher and we would do well to remember its lessons. Begin preparing today for tomorrow’s difficulties. Even if they don’t come again for another twenty years, you’ll be glad you were prepared for it when it comes. The point of daily preparation is to get ready to be truly independent in a time when you can no longer depend on any one organization to help you through difficult times. Prepare yourself day-to-day so you’re ready for the rainy ones ahead.

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