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We all have a lot of things that are important to us, like our computers, TVs, prized possessions, art, music.... the list goes on. These items represent who we are, and the investments we have made. Our team is here to help you find renters insurance coverage which takes care of you, your loved ones, and your possessions alike.

Protect the Things that Matter to You

If you secure a renters insurance policy, you can opt to get personal property protection which is able to travel with you around the globe. Some options will even cover the full replacement cost of your posessions which were stolen or damaged. This is done without deduction for depreciation, up to the limits and deductibles you select.

Protect Yourself and Your Guests

Renters insurance policies are there to protect you and your family against litigation related to bodily injury and property damage claims. This is done up to the limits you select when you are going through your policy. Should a visitor is injured on your rental property for any reason, this option can also cover their medical expenses.

Get the Right Amount of Renters Coverage at the Best Price

No matter the size and cost of your rental property and no matter where you are at with moving, we are here to help you select the Florida renters insurance coverage is best for you. Make sure to ask about discounts for burglar alarms, and about having multiple policies (like your renters and auto insurance) with the same insurance provider.

Extra Coverage Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Our team is also here to provide recommendations for other coverage that you may want to add to your renters insurance policy. As an example, many people supplement their renters insurance with personal umbrella liability insurance for broader protection. If you have special possessions or valaubles, such as jewelery or art or antiques, ask us  about scheduled personal property coverage that comes with no deductible when you experience a covered loss.

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