Avoid Driving Drowsy

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Apr 09, 2013

Avoid Driving Drowsy

We all have heard how dangerous it is to drive drunk. Although it is very important to stay away from the wheel when you have been drinking, it is also very important that you stay away from the wheel when you are tired.  Driving drowsy can do serious damage to those in your car and even to yourself. To ensure that you never drive drowsy, it is important that you…

  • Stop and take a rest.  It is important that you are getting quality rest. If this means puling over and renting a hotel room for the night or even just taking a quick run around a gas station, it is important that you get back in your car reinvigorated.
  • Plan your road trip during hours that you are not usually sleeping.  It is important that you schedule the road trip ahead of time and stick with your schedule to avoid driving during your most dangerous times of day.
  • Avoid alcohol the night before you are sleeping and make sure that you get a good night’s rest. You want to plan for your road trip to ensure that you are in the best possible state to drive.
  • Drive with a friend in the passenger seat. You want to make sure that you will have someone to talk to, listen to music with or even sit in silence with.  Somehow, for many people, having someone that is up with them as they are driving makes the drive that much easier.

So, as you buckle up this weekend, it is important that you avoid drunk drivers and that you do not count yourself amongst the drowsy drivers that kill and injure people on a consistent basis.

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