Jan 28, 2013

It is no surprise, nor is it a secret, that every new year by the end of January firm and resolved commitments to shed weight begin to fade into obscurity.  People’s once dogged determination transforms in a matter of weeks into a comfortable procrastination with the rationale of a different, even more resolved, future lurking just around the corner.

But how can that future be now; how can we make New Year’s resolutions stick?  The most direct answer is to gain a deeper commitment to the goal.

But this can be tough, so what are some practical ways to reach those weight loss goals?  The best way is to ensure your personal safety while exercising.

One of the top resolution killers is injury due to initial exuberance.  Once the injured have time to heal they have forgotten all about their previously set goal to exercise regularly.

The smart way to begin a well-grounded resolution to get fit is by visiting your doctor.  You can request a routine physical from them to determine your overall health, pinpoint any problem areas to avoid injury while exercising, and get recommendations from the doc on what you can do to improve your health.

Once you have done this you can begin to establish a regular workout and exercise regimen.  You should write this down in the form of a schedule and have the discipline to follow it.

Remember that you will want to slowly build up the intensity and time of your workouts to avoid injury and to build endurance and muscle in an appropriate way.  By being safe while working out and by creating an organized structure to your exercises, you will be able to make your New Year resolutions for this year stick. 

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