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Workers' Compensation Coverage Options

Being taken care of on the job is important! Workers’ Compensation is a policy which covers  the medical care and physical rehabilitation costs for those who are injured on the job. This policy is also there to prevent litigation from the injured party.

Workers Compensation is not only for physically demanding jobs. It also extends to organizations like offices, where employees might be conducting company business with their own vehicles. If you have employees driving out on sales calls, delivering product, or even getting food for company business, then this policy is one you should have. This coverage is essential if you have employees, in any capacity.

Harbor Insurance Group can assist in determining the best policy for your unique workers compensation insurance needs. The best solutions will create more productive workplaces, happier employees, and better safety measures for all.

Some of our coverage solutions can include:

  • Innovative payment systems
  • Medical disability case managers
  • Utilization management nurses
  • Certified life care planning nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation consultants
  • Physician consulting services
  • Legal staff
  • Contracts with medical network providers
  • Managed prescription drug program

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