Teen Safe Driver Discountâ„¢

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Our Teen Safe Driver Discount uses a straightforward formula to encourage safer driving as well as offering additional discounts to help manage the cost of insuring your teen.

The program provides a discount of up to 15%* on the car your teen drives and costs as little as $9.95 per month. The discount is applied when a device is installed and continues as long as it remains installed, until your teen reaches the age of 25.

How It Works

One of the key parts of helping teens become better drivers is allowing parents and teens to review driving behavior. That’s exactly what the Teen Safe Driver Discount offers. Here’s how:

  • You install a device that collects data on how the teen’s vehicle is driven and detects unsafe driving behavior. For most vehicles, no professional installation is required.
  • Each week, parents and teens receive a driving report that summarizes driving behavior including speeding, acceleration, braking, and nighttime driving. The report displays the weekly progress in each category with the option to see more detail online. As a parent, you can use this data to take an active role in improving your teen’s safety behind the wheel by discussing what your teen is doing well as well as areas that need improvement.

Safe, Secure, and Private

No long-term commitment is required. Safeco will never share your data with others or use the driving data to adjust your rates or cancel your policy.

Call us or visit www.safeco.com to learn more.

* Discounts not available in all states. Contact us to learn more.

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