Teen Safety Rewards™

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Teen Safety Rewards from Safeco

One of the options we are most proud to offer to our customers is our Teen Safety Rewards program! Teen Safety Rewards is all about providing families with an array of perks and tools in order to help teens become safer drivers and help families afford the new expenses of adding someone to their car insurance policy.

Teen Safety Rewards includes:

  • Good Student Discount

    If your teen maintains a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better, makes the honor roll, or is in the top 20% of their class, then this discount is activated. We believe that good academic performance is worth rewarding!

  • Driver Training Discount

    If your teen has completed an approved drivers education program, they qualify for this disocunt.

  • Distant Student Discount

    If your teen is in school more than 100 miles away from home without a car, then this discount is available for them.

  • Teen Safe Driver Discount

    If the vehicle your teen drives is enrolled in a program that collects their driving data, then we can add this discount to your policy. Learn more.

  • Tenure Reward

    Our customers who have been with Safeco for more than two years can save even more when they add a teen to their policy.

  • Road Ahead Guide

    Contains tips about learning to drive, obtaining a license, driving in variable weather conditions, what to do in an accident and more.

  • Parent-Teen Contract

    Use the Parent-Teen Contract to set clear expectations, rules and responsibilities before your teen gets behind the wheel.

Call us or visit www.safeco.com to learn more.

* Discounts not available in all states. Contact us to learn more.

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Teen Car Insurance Discounts How you can save money

The Teen Safe Driver Discount from Safeco encourages safer driving and offers an additional discount. Learn more »

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